How to edit forms created from Livecycle designer (AEM) in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

This video will bypass some security settings set by Livecycle Designer. We can easily update these documents in adobe acrobat – but there is no going back to designer after this step!

Welcome to this enriching tutorial that dives into the realm of Updating Adobe LiveCycle Designer Metadata. Are you struggling to make changes in the Adobe LiveCycle Designer in Adobe Acrobat? Let me share with you a smart workaround that will save the day.

Why Can’t I Edit Metadata in Adobe LiveCycle Designer?

Adobe LiveCycle Designer is a brilliant tool for creating dynamic documents and forms with sophisticated graphical interfaces. But if you’ve ever tried to update the metadata of a file created in LiveCycle Designer, you may have been surprised to find the usually editable fields are locked away behind grey boxes. Even running the accessibility checker fails to allow changes such as setting the primary language. And it turns out, document security settings are the party pooper here, forbidding you from making the desired changes. This brings us to an essential question – how can we circumvent these restrictions?

The Brilliant Trick: Extracting the Page for Updating Adobe LiveCycle Designer Metadata

The solution is surprisingly simple: extract the page from the original document. Let’s delve into this neat trick.

  1. Extract the page: First, you need to navigate to the ‘Tools’ button, select ‘Organized Pages’, and finally hit ‘Extract’. Remember to mark the checkbox to extract it as a separate file. Choose your desired location to save this extracted file.
  2. Edit the Metadata: Now comes the exciting part. Open the extracted document, navigate to File Properties, and voila! The once uneditable areas are now open for you to tweak. Update the title, author, subject, and keywords as per your requirements.
  3. Run the Accessibility Checker: After updating the metadata, you can run the Accessibility Checker again. Now you can modify elements like the reading language and tab order by simply right-clicking the error and selecting ‘Fix’.

Remember to save your changes! And there you have it, the elegant solution to updating Adobe LiveCycle Designer Metadata – by extracting the page as an individual file. This simple step gives you the freedom to make any changes you desire, enhancing the accessibility of your document.