Making College PDFs Accessible: Episode 01 | Ventura Community College

Today, we’re exploring a key aspect of digital inclusivity – PDF accessibility. While reviewing Ventura Community College’s PDF, we identified areas of improvement. Let’s dive in!

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Steps for Ensuring PDF Accessibility

  1. Check for Tags: A key step in a PDF review is checking for tags. In our Ventura College PDF review, no tags were available, highlighting the need for accessibility improvements.
  2. Using the Auto Tagger: This tool helps create a basic structure in PDFs. However, ensure you’re using the new auto tagger for optimal results.
  3. Correct Tag Placement: Organizing tags properly ensures a smooth reader experience. Remove unnecessary tags, like section tags.
  4. Artifacting Unnecessary Elements: Some content may not be relevant for screen readers. Mark them as an artifact.
  5. Creating Form Fields: Forms within PDFs need to be accessible. Create clear tags for forms to help users navigate them efficiently.
  6. Using the Reading Order Tool: This tool can assist with correct tag placement. However, caution is advised, as it can sometimes create issues.
  7. Embedding Fonts: Ensuring fonts are embedded in the document is essential for accessibility.
  8. Setting PDF UA Identifier: This confirms the document is accessible under PDF/UA standards.

The review showcased the importance of making PDFs accessible. While Ventura College’s document had gaps, the solutions provided can make it compliant with standards like PDF UA and WCAG 2.1.

Inclusivity in document design ensures everyone has equal access to information. For colleges and institutions, this is crucial. Not only does it foster a sense of belonging, but it also ensures compliance with legal standards.

The world is moving towards a more inclusive future. Let’s ensure our digital spaces are part of this journey. Remember, accessibility isn’t just about compliance; it’s about ensuring everyone feels welcome.

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