Training & Consulting

Revamp your accessibility approach with The Accessibility Guy, your trusted expert with extensive training experience in accessibility, assistive technology, and alternate media.

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Sharpen your skills with our comprehensive training programs:

  1. Section 508 Best Practices: Gain a solid understanding of Section 508, its role in your organization, its compliance requirements, and how to incorporate universal design and inclusivity.
  2. PDF Accessibility – Adobe Acrobat: Learn how to make your PDFs accessible, from setting up Acrobat tools to mastering the accessibility checker, auto-tagging, color contrast, and more. I’ll personally guide you in crafting Section 508-compliant documents.
  3. Microsoft Word Accessibility: Get an in-depth understanding of creating accessible Word documents, perfect for anyone creating PDFs or working with Word.

Seeking something different? We offer Custom Training tailored to your unique accessibility needs.

Beyond training, The Accessibility Guy is your partner in Consulting. With extensive experience spanning universities, government offices, and commercial entities, I can help align your organization or project to WCAG or Section 508 standards.

As a California Community College and California State University alum, I’m well-versed in making educational institutions accessible. I’ve provided countless pieces of training and remediated hundreds of courses to meet accessibility requirements.

From small projects to large-scale initiatives, I stand ready to support government and agency needs. With a focus on human-centered design, I can assist with everything process improvements, training development, accessibility audits, and more.

Take the first step towards accessibility – fill out the form below for custom training and consulting inquiries, or book a session with me now. Your accessible future awaits with The Accessibility Guy.