Glean is a powerful notetaking tool. While it’s not explicitly a form of Assistive Technology – it could be considered in this category.

Unveiling Glean’s Comprehensive Features

In the realm of digital tools designed for academic and professional use, Glean stands out. It’s not just another app; it’s a comprehensive platform that offers a range of features designed to make your life easier and more organized.

Glean’s Feature-Rich Platform

Let’s delve into the features that make Glean a must-have tool:

1. Audio Recording:

Glean is equipped with an audio recording feature that captures every spoken word during lectures, meetings, or any event you choose to record. Start a new recording by selecting “New Event” under the Home tab.

2. Text Annotations:

While your recording is in progress, Glean allows you to add text annotations. This is a useful feature for marking key points or adding additional context to the audio.

3. Task Management:

Glean goes beyond simple note-taking by allowing you to insert tasks directly within the app. You can set due dates for these tasks, ensuring you stay on top of your responsibilities.

4. Audio-to-Text Transcription:

Once your recording is complete, Glean offers an audio-to-text transcription feature. This is particularly useful for those who need a written record for review or accessibility purposes.

5. Playback and Filters:

The app provides options for audio playback, including speed adjustments and audio filters like low pitch and high pitch, enhancing your review experience.

6. Tagging and Collections:

You can tag specific segments of your audio recording for easy retrieval later. Glean also allows you to organize these tagged recordings into collections, making it easier to manage multiple recordings.

7. Account-Wide Tasks:

One of the standout features of Glean is its account-wide task management. This means that tasks you set in one recording can be viewed and managed across all your recordings, providing a unified task management experience.


Glean is more than just a note-taking app. It’s a versatile platform that offers a suite of features designed to enhance your academic and professional life. From audio recording to task management, Glean is a comprehensive tool that caters to a wide range of needs.

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