Converting PNG Images to Editable Documents with Abbyy FineReader 16


In today’s digital world, working with different file formats is a common task. One such scenario involves converting a PNG image into an editable document. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of using Abbyy FineReader 16 to achieve this task efficiently. Join us as we explore the Accessibility Guy channel and learn how to convert a PNG file with table structures and checkboxes into a searchable PDF or Word document.

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Step 1: Prepare your PNG file

For this demonstration, we’ll use a PNG file containing a table with rows, columns, and checkbox images. This file represents a common scenario where one needs to extract the data from a static image format and convert it into an editable document.

Step 2: Open the PNG file in Abbyy FineReader 16

Launch Abbyy FineReader 16 and select the OCR Editor. Open the PNG file, and the software will automatically run Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the image.

Step 3: Analyze the table structure

Zoom in on the image panel and check the text panel. If Abbyy doesn’t recognize the table structure correctly, delete all text areas by right-clicking in the image panel. Use the table tool to draw a box around the table and click on “Analyze Table Structure” located in the bottom corner of the window. This action will analyze the table and apply rows and columns accordingly.

Step 4: Recognize the text

Click on the “Recognize” button to OCR the file. If the document is not in English, change the recognition language accordingly, and run the recognition process again. Visually spot-check the text for accuracy.

Step 5: Adjust the table content

In case Abbyy replaces certain icons or images with text, manually type the appropriate text in the corresponding cells. For instance, if the original file had checkboxes indicating whether an item met certain specifications, replace the text with the translated phrase for “meets specifications” or “does not meet specifications.”

Step 6: Export the file as a searchable PDF

Change the export settings to “Searchable PDF” and save the file. If the image quality is blurry, go to Tools > Options > PDF, and adjust the image quality settings. Disable the MRC compression if necessary to improve the text quality.

Step 7: Save the file as a Microsoft Word document

If you prefer working with a Word document, save the file in that format. Keep in mind that the alternate texts might appear in the document, depending on how the file was zoned in Abbyy. To retain the checkboxes, apply picture zones to the cells and manually insert the icons as a table.


Abbyy FineReader 16 makes it simple to convert a PNG file, even with complex table structures, into an editable PDF or Word document. With this step-by-step guide, you can easily transform static images into dynamic, editable documents for further analysis and collaboration. As always, thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more tips and tricks from the Accessibility Guy channel!

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