Adobe Acrobat’s New Accessibility Features

Adobe has laid the groundwork for some major new features in the future. Check out the latest post on the New Auto Tagging Feature.

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Exploring the Adobe Acrobat New Accessibility Features

Adobe Acrobat has launched its latest version, packed with innovative features, especially in the accessibility department. The changes start with the menu items, which have been relocated. For example, the tags panel and other essential accessibility elements are now on the far right side of the screen.

the tags menu

Should you find your tags button missing, a simple right-click and selection of accessibility tags will do the trick.

Right click the far panel and select accessibility tags

The update also brings the read order panel, content panel, hyperlink updates, bookmark reviews, and alternate description fields for links over to the right side of the screen!

One notable feature is the cloud-based auto-tagging for accessibility. This newly added capability seems to outperform the old auto-tagging. To enable this feature, select Menu > Preferences. And then:

  1. Select the Accessibility Tab
  2. Select the checkbox for “Enable Cloud-based auto-tagging for accessibility”.
Select the Accessibility Tab

Select the checkbox for "Enable Cloud-based auto-tagging for accessibility".

Additionally, a PDF UA compliance option has been added under the Document Properties in the Advanced tab, signifying possible future expansions.

PDF ua compliance drop down menu

Enhancements in Adobe Acrobat: Navigating the Accessibility Elements

The latest version has not just shuffled things around but also added many improvements. The page count is now on the far right, along with the document rotating and zooming functions.

The tools menu is rebranded, with new names and a more organized structure. Editing tools are consolidated in one place, and it seems like the interface has become much easier to manage.

New tools menu

There’s also a refresh on the Quick Access Toolbar, which allows for customizations like adding an accessibility full check. You can now run an accessibility check on a document, reflecting the changes on the right-hand side.

Customizing the Quick access tool bar

With Adobe’s new facelift, document accessibility has taken a significant step forward, offering a variety of options to manage and update documents.

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2 thoughts on “Adobe Acrobat’s New Accessibility Features”

  1. One crucial question you have not answered, and I would have thought that, as an ‘accessibility expert’ that it was vital. How accessible is adobe’s interface itself? I know that there have been increasing issues with it in recent years. I also note that you are using a mouse an dnot a keyboard. We disabled people are not mere receivers; we are content creators too, thank you so very much.

    1. The interface to adobe acrobat is completely inaccessible. You must be new to my content! I work with people with disabilities and have for over 13 years. Typically I create content for those who are trying to create accessible content for things like PDF, PPT, and MS word documents. Appreciate you stopping by!

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