How to hide a slide title

Since every slide must have a title it may interfere with the layout of your slide so instead of deleting the title, there is an option to hide the title. This will provide easy navigation while providing you with design freedom for your slide by visually hiding the title.

Video overview of how to hide a slide title in PowerPoint

This video will walk users through how to hide a slide title

Text Overview of how to hide a slide title

Open up the arrange panel

open the arrange panel

Under the selection area, choose which content you want to hide

Marking content invisible on a slide

Validating the order in the Arrange Panel

After you set the order in the Reading Order pane, ensure everything is also correct in the arrange panel. The arrange panel is in reverse, so the first item that will read is the one on the bottom. To get to the arrange panel – follow these steps:

  1. On the Home ribbon select the arrange button
  2. Select the Selection pane
On the Home ribbon select the arrange button
Select the Selection pane

Select the view icon next to the title to hide it

This will hide the title from the slide but maintain the accessibility

Hide a slide title
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