How to set document properties and language in Microsoft Word | Section 508 for Word

Microsoft Word Accessibility is crucial for creating inclusive content. In this guide, learn how to set document properties to achieve section 508 compliance.

The comprehensive list for Section 508 Compliance for Word documents

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Microsoft Word Accessibility: Setting Document Properties

Microsoft Word Accessibility is crucial for producing inclusive content. If you’ve been following our series, you know the commitment to making Word documents section 508 compliant. Today, we dive deeper into setting document properties, ensuring they align with the standards. Dont forget to download the checklist:

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Steps to Adjust Properties for Accessibility

Accessing Document Properties: Start by selecting the “File” button. Next, choose “Info.” Dive into the properties menu and select “Advanced Properties.”

setting the advanced properties

This action pops up a window.

Setting the Title: For this guide, our title is “The Evolution and Impacts of Professional Wrestling.”

Designating the Subject: Think of the subject as a brief description. Here, it’s a timeline highlighting significant wrestling events.

Author and Keywords: Set the author to “Shawn Jordison, the Accessibility Guy.” Keywords help in document searchability. Add terms like “wrestling history” and “accessibility.”

Set doc properties

Document Language

Choosing Document Language: Set the document language via the search button. Opt for “Proofing Language,” then “Set Proofing Language.” While you can set the entire document’s language, Word also offers flexibility in adjusting individual sections, especially if you’re juggling multiple languages. Confirm “English (United States)” before proceeding.

set the proofing language

Microsoft Word Accessibility is more than just ticking boxes—it ensures content inclusivity. Ensure you set these properties right, enhancing content accessibility for everyone.

Remember, accessibility isn’t a one-time job. It’s a continuous commitment. With every document, take the time to ensure it’s accessible. A few moments can make a world of difference to someone.

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