How do I make my Microsoft Word documents accessible?

No, I do not mean “a passing accessibility checker”. I mean, how do you make your stuff work with people who use Assistive Technology?

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Video Overview: Making Word Documents Accessible

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to identify and fix common accessibility issues in Microsoft Word documents.

Unlock the power of accessible Microsoft Word documents. Proper formatting is crucial for those who depend on assistive technology to read and access information. This page aims to provide you with comprehensive resources for creating accessible documents in Microsoft Word by meeting specific criteria.

Getting Started

Before we get too far – I have a whole section on specific Section 508 Requirements for Microsoft Word. But the rest of this post will still cover important factors for setting up your docs!

The Accessibility GUy

Document accessibility in MS Word is determined by its underlying structure and styles. This structure enables easier navigation for assistive technology users. Without this structure, navigation becomes difficult.

Below are the most important elements to consider for creating accessible Word documents. Each link leads to a dedicated blog post and video tutorial on how to implement the element. These are general best practices to consider.

Additional Considerations for Word Accessibility

This page will be updated with new topics as they become relevant.

Format Documents for Accessibility Before Exporting

Investing time in formatting your Word document for accessibility will make it easier to convert the file to other accessible formats later. The more time you can spend in Word, the easier it will be to convert to PDF.

Need Assistance with Document Remediation?

If you find the remediation process too complex or time-consuming, our team is here to help. We can make any of your documents accessible at a reasonable price. So far, we’ve made over 100k pages accessible. Get in touch today!