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Welcome to another post in our series on enhancing Word accessibility to ensure Section 508 compliance. Today, we learn how to remove background images and watermarks from MS Word documents, to ensure Word accessibility.

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Background images and watermarks, although visually appealing, can pose significant accessibility issues. They can reduce the readability of text for individuals with visual impairments and can be problematic for screen reading software. Ensuring these elements are removed is key to making your Word documents accessible to all users.

Enhancing Word Accessibility by Removing Watermarks

  • Identify the Watermark: First, determine if your document contains a watermark. In our example, I’ve added a “Confidential” watermark for demonstration.
  • Use the Search Feature: Go to the “Design” tab in Word, and use the search feature to find the “Watermark” option.
  • Remove the Watermark: Select the “Remove Watermark” option. This action will delete the watermark from your document, making the text more accessible.
Removing a watermark from a Word document

Enhancing Word Accessibility by Removing Background Images

Background images, like watermarks, can also hinder Word accessibility. Let’s walk through how to manage them:

  • Locating the Background Image: An example might be an image of a squirrel, which we’ll use for this guide. Such images are often inserted in headers or footers.
  • Making Adjustments: You can adjust the size and placement of the image. However, for accessibility, it’s best to avoid large, page-spanning background images.
  • Removing the Image: To remove the image, simply go to the header or footer where it’s located and delete it. This ensures that the document is clear and easily readable.

Importance of Clean Document Layout

A clean and straightforward layout in Word documents not only aids in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act but also enhances the overall readability and professionalism of the document. Removing distracting elements like background images and watermarks is a crucial step in MS Word accessibility.

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